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Stock Music

Quality background music made for Youtube / promotional videos.

Stock Sound Effects

Quality background music made for Youtube videos and games.

Stock Photography

Quality stock photographs available at stock photo agencies.


Online counseling service.

Video Production

Promotional video for your business to convey your message in a short time. Please contact with me for further enquiries.

Game Production

Simple yet addictive HTML5 games.

BeFive Jinja Shrine

This Jinja Shrine is apparently good for:

  • Improvement of fortune
  • Warding off evil
  • The well‐being of one's family
  • Traffic safety
  • Safe childbirth
  • Fertility
  • Commercial prosperity
  • Academic achievement
  • Good health
  • Marriage

BeFive Shrine has been established here in order to commemorate an end of 23-year-long world travel of a wanderer. Happily Ever After.

Omikuji are random fortunes written on strips of paper at shrines in Japan. BeFive Shrine provides a simple Omikuji service for your fun.