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Five for House of Fun

The logo of BeFive consists of five hears layered one on another. Each heart represents "being". In a certain cult of Buddhism, the "five hearts" signifies honesty, reflection, modesty, service and gratitude. In astrology, the fifth house symbolizes fun, joy and creations. Being is about learning by being and joy of being throughout the life.

BeFive.Info is a continuing journey with an aim to explore the world and seek out the essences of being.

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Cuckoo Parrots

2 Crazy Youtubers

We are a international couple, of a Portuguese girl married with a Japanese guy. We live in Portugal, in the South Bay of Lisbon. (Margem Sul). We are both freelancers in the area of design and web programming. We always wanted to do something together as a couple, so we decided to try the world of vlogging and Youtube for fun.

Criacoes Ilustra

Illustration & Publishing

We want more than helping you bring your story to life, we also want you to feel that we are at your side for whatever comes!