Relaunching BeFive.Info at Netlify

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Posted on 11 March, 2019

BeFive.Info is now powered by Netlify and Gridsome. Result, fast.

Both Netlify and Gridsome are quite new.

Netlify has been around since 2014. Netlify has gotten all the modern needs you want for runnign a site. The company is also quite known for its $30M Series B investment.

And Gridsome is still a new baby born just last year. It is not even a year old yet. Gridsome is a static site generator inspired by Gatsby.js which is React.js based. Gridsome is light weight Vue.js based.

Netlify and Gridsome are logical choice for anyone that wants to build a site and blog on the run.

It has been about a week since I started using gridsome for the first time. To be honest I was not really using Vue.js before. The learning curve is not that steep. It can well serve as a candidate for a haven after WordPress, especially to those who do not require much features and ease of use of WordPress.

So far I found out that you can have multiple blogs. It it were WordPress we would be calling it "post type". You can also choose to use markdown to write blog articles. I used this markdown starter theme for this site. Of course you can use regular html markups including iframe within markdown blog contents. That means you can embed external services like CodePen.

There are of course downside of using this platform.

Integrating Javascript and libraries into pages in this platform requires much efforts. It usually involves scope issues and something to do with page reloading. Even using jQuery is not that straight forward. I will have to study further on how Vue.js works.

It will help blog post writing much more if there were writing tools associated with Gridsome. I think that it should not be that difficult and fits right in my todo list only if I were going to write blog posts regularly.